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Welcome to Komodo Tours & Travel - Komodo island & Flores Official Tour Operator. Provideds all Adventureous and Leisures, including Diving and Snorkeling arround Komodo Island and Flores and all destination in Indonesia. We are one of Indonesia Travel and Tour Operator market leading having business focusing in the promotion and presentation of Indonesia Tourism richness to the world wide community. The astounding offers where Indonesia is seen as the Asia perfect tourist destination, now delivered through an Internet online provided by, Indonesia Travel Agency and Expert Tour Operator company [More detail ........ ]

The Komodo Dragon Lizard
komodo_national_parkThe Komodo is long lived (as are most of the larger reptilian species) with an estimated life expectancy of over 50 years in the wild. In keeping with its longevity, the Komodo matures late in life, becoming sexually viable at five to seven years, and achieving maximum body density in fifteen years. Komodos are sexually dimorphous, which means males are bigger than females. The largest recorded specimen was 3.13 meters in length and was undoubtedly a male. Females rarely exceed 2.5 meters in length. [More detail ....... ]

Komodo Rinca Island
komodo_rinca_islandThese islands are composed of a silica-rich rock called rhyolite porphyry. The rhyolite contains large, perfect doubly terminated quartz crystals (lacking the prism faces), some of which are up to a centimeter long. The rhyolite is also rich in magnetite, which weathers out of the rock to form magnetite-rich sand on some of the beaches. In places, silica-rich groundwater has replaced the bedrock with chert. On Rinca, one can see fragments of worked chert lying around near the outcrops. These rocks are geologically distinct from the rocks found on islands to the east and west, which are more mafic in character. [More detail ..... ]

Kelimutu Lake and Mountain
kelimutu_lakeThe most famous tourist attraction in Flores is Kelimutu; three colored lakes in Ende district. These colored lakes change colors on a regular basis. The latest colors (late 2004) were said to be turquoise, brown and black. Kelimutu is a small but well-known Indonesian volcano in central Flores Island with three summit crater lakes of varying colors. The western lake, Tiwi Ata Mbupu (Lake of Old People) is commonly blue. [More deatil...... ]

Sumba Pasola Ritual War
sumba_pasolaPasola is the name of a war game tournament played by two groups of selected Sumbanese men. They riding their decorated selected horses fling wooden spears at each other. (The government allows the ritual game to take place, but the spears much the blunt). Pasola is a traditional ceremony of the Sumbanese held in the way of uniquely and sympathically traditional norms, every year in February and March and has become the focus of attention of the people since it is a part of the sacred homoge to the Marapu. [More detail ...... ]